Adirondack Wayfinder

Choose Your Route

A different kind of path through the Adirondacks, Adirondack Wayfinder connects you with unique routes through the region. Choose whatever interests you —  and let Adirondack Wayfinder map the route from one destination to the next. Along the way, you’ll be introduced to Adirondack communities that are as diverse as the forests themselves and discover all the options available during a visit to the Adirondacks.

Find Your Fun

The Adirondack Wayfinder can serve as a jumping off point or provide a full day or weekend of fun. So dream big and learn more about the attractions, destinations, and quaint Adirondack towns that have so much to offer. With so much to explore, the Wayfinder can help to ensure you get the most out of your Adirondack adventure.