What is the Wayfinder?

Adirondack Wayfinder is a tool to help travelers be inspired, dream, and plan. With Wayfinder, explore themed trails highlighting scenic views, breweries, motorcycle tours, farm to table dining, history, family-favorite attractions, and so much more. The Wayfinder is a unique way to learn more about cultural and recreation opportunities throughout the Adirondacks, linking communities and exceptional wilderness areas.

Start from any address and share the trail to your smartphone. All trails are customizable, with options to add lodging and dining, even ice cream! Whether you decide to explore an entire trail or just use the site to get inspired, the curated trails on Adirondack Wayfinder bring the dream of Adirondack travel to you.

Explore more with Adirondack Wayfinder. Adventure awaits!

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Have questions about Wayfinder? We have answers that will set you in the right direction.

Q: Can I customize a trail?

A: You can add additional stops by clicking on one of the "add to your trip" categories below the map. Remove items by selecting the "x" located next to the item you wish to remove.

Q: Can I navigate using Adirondack Wayfinder?

A: Find a trail you like? Add your starting address, then click on “start.” You’ll be directed to Google Maps, where you can continue to personalize and navigate along your own special adventure. 

Q: Why do the stops on the trail change when I enter my address?

A: No one likes to waste time when they could be having fun. As a result, Adirondack Wayfinder is designed to be customizable based on your starting locations. It will reorder the stops to provide the shortest route based on the address you have entered. 

Q: Who makes Adirondack Wayfinder?

A: The Adirondack Wayfinder concept was developed by the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST) in partnership with Hamilton County through the support of a DEC Smart Growth Grant.  

Q: I have a great idea for a trail! Who should I talk to?

A: We would love to hear about your ideas. Please reach out to us at wayfinder@roostadk.com to or download the Adirondack Wayfinder Toolkit developed by River Street Planning and Consulting.

Q: Where do I see a moose?

A: While the Adirondacks are a natural home for moose, and we do get quite a few sightings every year, we can’t predict where you’ll see one! That’s part of the magic of living in the wilderness. Wherever you travel, watch out for wildlife. You never know what you might see!

Q: What season is best for traveling to the Adirondacks?

A: All of them! Each season in the Adirondacks is unique and offers adventure, comfy lodging, great dining, and cool attractions. Use Wayfinder to explore your options.